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Two friends define their terms & talk stories. Narrative analysis through the lens of the Sorting Hat Chats personality taxonomy system (, inspired by the Harry Potter Houses.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Sorting Gideon & Harrow the Ninth

    We sort Gideon the Ninth and Harrow the Ninth, the first two installments of Tamsyn Muir's trilogy about some lesbian space nun necromancers stuck in puzzle-box murder mysteries. We're eagerly awaiting book three, which will prove all our sortings wrong, probably.  These books are stories of puns, of gay gazes, of ...


  2. Sorting She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (SPOP)

    Let's chat about Bow & Glimmer's similarities in their sortings, and why it leads to such a disastrous break between them in the penultimate season; about why Catra has a hard time understanding Adora's decisions and loyalties in a new context; about how Adora puts her faith in powers external ...


  3. Sorting Avatar the Last Airbender

    This episode includes: Zuko and Katara as narrative foils -- similar characters with similar motivations and methods who start out on opposite sides of the same war; Toph, Aang, and Azula as characters with the same slippery, easy-breezy, adaptively powerful Secondary; Sokka as a rare Ravenclaw & how his and ...


  4. Sorting The Untamed

    Trans rights are human rights. Just FYI.  This episode, with guest Jules Lomax, we sort tv drama The Untamed, with some nods to its source novel. A world of swords, necromancy, love, and betrayal, it's also a world with a hell of a lot of Slytherins.  Read the details of our sorting ...


  5. Sorting Howl's Moving Castle

    What does it mean to give your heart to a falling star? Is Sophie building a community or attracting an army? Why is Howl so much more unhappy in the movie? We discuss and sort the characters of Howl's Moving Castle-- both Diana Wynne Jones's book and Miyazaki's animated film.  Read ...